Since 1999, Jjanice has performed on multiple stages in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere as a singer-songwriter, spoken word poet (notably with the multidisciplinary collective Kalmunity for over 15 years), as well as singer for various artists. He has notably distinguished himself at the Montreal Jazz Festival, at the Francofolies, at the Pop Montreal Festival, M for Montreal, La Place des Arts and others. With the enveloping and melismatic voice of a soulful crooner and the penchant for reverie of the artist without ties, Jjanice has created his own universe. Being of Haitian origin and having grown up in a Quebec family, He always enjoyed exploring the plurality of origins. This self-proclaimed “ringer” mixes pictorial poetry, modern and groovy alt-soul music, elegant electropop, and Afro Caribbean influences. Imagine a household Rita Mitsouko mixed with Kassav, Seal, Bowie and Gainsbourg! Ranging from his lyric talent put to use for other performers, to serving as a living model for visual artists, Jjanice is not content to only create, he also wants to inspire and gives himself entirely for that mission. With 2 EPs to his credit, he has recently “La Reine aux ailes d’écailles”, a concept album accompanied by a book and a live musical. Jjanice + invites us on a limitless poetic journey.